Sister Moses owner Linda Burton has two new sister businesses: Traveling Sister and Calamity Jane’s Resale

UPDATED — Sister Moses is no longer an only child.

Linda Burton, who owns the shop at Comotara Center at 29th and Rock Road, now has two sister companies –  literally and figuratively.

In July, she started Traveling Sister, which is something of a traveling boutique where she can sell clothing and accessories in people’s homes and at events.

Next month, Burton is opening Calamity Jane’s Resale in Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn.

So much new business at once is creating some chaos in Burton’s world.

“It’s so bad, one of the girls is working out of the bathroom,” she says, laughing.

Burton says Traveling Sister has already gone as far as Texas, where Sister Moses has a lot of online customers.

“This weekend in Leavenworth, it was insane,” Burton says.

The events are parties of at least about 20 women, who can sip wine and shop in a friend’s home or at an event.

“It’s networking, and it’s finding out about more places that we can go to,” Burton says. “The great thing about it is it’s 20 girls that are being waited on.”

She then makes a donation to a charity that the hostess selects.

The idea behind Calamity Jane’s is to create more room in customers’ closets, Burton says.

As women start stealing their husbands’ sides of closets, Burton says she hears things such as, “Linda, you’ve got to do something about this.”

The shop, which also will sell discounted home furnishings, opens the second week of October.

Burton doesn’t want it to look like a resale shop.

“It’s going to look just like … Sister Moses,” she says. “It’s going to be the cutest.”

Burton says she couldn’t have the three businesses without a strong staff, which includes Erin Francis overseeing Traveling Sister and Heather Stangle overseeing Calamity Jane’s.

She also says her business has been doing “awesome” since she moved it to the former Olive Tree Bistro space and renamed it. The store had been called Eccentricity and was in a different part of Comotara before summer 2011.

It’s been a lot of change in a short time, but Burton says that’s it for now.

“I’m done for a while. My husband will kill me … if I bring up one more thing.”