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You don’t say

“We’re not talking ‘Dark Knight’ here, but it’s in our second-biggest theater, and it’s been selling out.”

Warren Theatres owner Bill Warren on the popularity of “2016: Obama’s America” and how he’s had to add extra shows at his east-side theater and now plans to show it on the west side due to demand

Former Abe’s Steakhouse site on West 29th Street North to go on the market

WICHITA — Now that the former Abe’s Steakhouse at 1044 W. 29th St. North has been demolished, passersby are wondering what may take its place.

La Galette owner Tony Abdayem owns the property, where in 2001 he briefly revived the once-popular restaurant as Uncle Abe’s Steakhouse.

“I’m trying to sell it first,” Abdayem says of the 2 1/2 acres.

He doesn’t have it listed yet, but Abdayem plans to ask for $160,000.

If he can’t find a buyer, he says apartments are a possibility.

“This is my last option,” Abdayem says of a possible 24-unit or 36-unit complex.

“If I sell it, it’ll be better off for me.”

Empower Martial Arts to open at Auburn Pointe at 135th and Maple

WICHITA — A new martial arts school is opening in Occidental Management’s Auburn Pointe development at 135th and Maple.

Chief Master Stephen Westbrook, an eighth-degree black belt, is opening Empower Martial Arts in early October.

He also has a school in Overland Park, as does Noeu Chan, who manages the schools.

“Our main base is teaching Songahm taekwondo,” Chan says.

That’s a traditional form. Chan says the goal is to teach attitude, discipline and confidence.

He says students “can go anywhere and learn punching and kicking.”

“Our school takes it one step further. We want to be leaders of today.”

There are 1,200 Empower Martial Arts schools nationally.

Matt Hahn, one of Chan’s students, will run the Wichita school.

“We want to offer a state-of-the-art training facility,” Chan says.

He says he likes Auburn Pointe for its visibility and cleanliness. Chan says he wants to get away from the image of a martial arts studio being in a less-than-desirable neighborhood.

Occidental president Gary Oborny handled the deal.

The school has classes for all ages, starting at age 3.

Chan says the Auburn Pointe site won’t be the only Empower Martial Arts in Wichita.

“We’re planning on opening a few more in the Wichita area.”


New Central Branch YMCA will have a restaurant with grab-and-go items from the Hyatt Regency Wichita

WICHITA — Somewhat against Dennis Schoenebeck’s better judgment, there’s going to be a restaurant in the Greater Wichita YMCA’s new Central Branch when it opens in December.

“We just kind of have been reluctant to do it,” says Schoenebeck, who is general executive of Y system.

“People have asked for it,” he says of food at all the Y branches. “I always felt that if you can’t do it well, we’d rather not do it.”

He relented in part because the Hyatt Regency Wichita will run the restaurant, which will be something of a grab-and-go service instead of a full-fledged restaurant. There will be sandwiches, salads and smoothies along with some seating.

“This is going to be, I think, a learning experience for us,” Schoenebeck says.

If it goes well, food service is a possibility at other branches as well, he says, although “there’s no great master plan.”