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You don’t say

“Today was one of those kind of, really, watershed days.”

– County Commissioner Tim Norton on NetApp’s announcement of 400 new jobs, which he says meets the area’s need to diversify and move into more high-tech fields

Johnson’s Legacy Landscapes is moving, which may necessitate a move for the Ridge Road Johnson’s Garden Center

Linden Johnson is preparing to move his Johnson's Legacy Landscapes.

WICHITA — Digging up plants and dividing and replanting them is a regular process for gardeners and landscapers. That’s what Johnson’s Legacy Landscapes and Johnson’s Garden Centers are doing again – only with their businesses.

“It’s kind of corny … but some things you just have to give a little space to grow,” says Linden Johnson, who owns the landscape business.

He and his brother Marty, who owns the retail garden centers, split their businesses five years ago. Since then, Marty Johnson has leased space from his brother for his west-side garden center at 802 N. Ridge Road. Now, Linden Johnson is moving his landscape business from there and is selling the property.

Marty Johnson has first right of refusal, but he’s passing on it.

“At the price he would like to get for it, I’m not interested,” he says. “If he can sell it to someone else, that’s great.”

Marty Johnson says he’s interested in continuing to lease space there but will make other arrangements if that doesn’t work out.

“We’ll continue to have three stores whether it’s there or someplace else.”

He says his current lease is up at the end of the year, but he’ll write a new one with his brother.

“That will protect us,” Marty Johnson says. “We don’t want to vacate during the busy season.”

Linden Johnson is moving his business to 4.6 acres at the southwest corner of 61st Street and North Ridge Road.

“Part of it is we’re a little bit landlocked,” Linden Johnson says of his current 3.6 acres.

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Leslie Rudd’s LRICO Services LLC purchases county property at Washington and Waterman

UPDATED — It was about this time two years ago that Sedgwick County decided to sell its property at the northwest corner of Washington and Waterman. Now, it’s finally happened.

LRICO Services LLC purchased the land for $297,000 at auction on Wednesday.

LRICO stands for Leslie Rudd Investment Co. The company owns the building on Waterman next to what it purchased.

The county bought 50,415 square feet in 2007 to make improvements to the intersection in advance of Intrust Bank Arena opening.

The county briefly considered using the lot for parking or something else but decided to sell it instead. It rejected at least one earlier offer before holding the auction this week.

It’s not clear what LRICO might do with the property. A representative declined comment.