Rowley Snyder Ablah buys former Big Dog Motorcycle building it’s occupied for a year

Part of the upgrades to Rowley Snyder Ablah's newly purchased building include glass blocks in an area that used to have a nonworking door.

WICHITA — When the new Rowley Snyder Ablah ad agency signed a lease for former Big Dog Motorcycle space at 145 N. Hydraulic in the spring of 2011, CEO Bruce Rowley said, “You know there’s something happening down here. This is kind of a vibrant little area with lots of cool stuff going on.”

He and his partners like it so much, they’ve now bought the building from Sheldon Coleman Jr.

“We love the size of it,” Rowley says. “We love the flexibility of it.”

Most of the 3,000 square feet is an open area that Rowley says allows for easy reconfiguration of space depending on what a project might need.

“That was a huge part,” he says. “We’ve already moved ourselves probably four or five times in the year we’ve been in it.”

The agency is making a few upgrades at the building, such as getting rid of a nonworking door that Rowley says “made it sort of look like an abandoned building from the street.”

“We didn’t want to spend money improving someone else’s building,” he says.

The central location also is a factor.

“We have employees who live in Andover and employees that live in Goddard. Need I say more?” Rowley says. “We’re right at the epicenter of Kellogg and I-35, essentially. That just is perfect.”

Jeff Walenta of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

As Rowley figured when moving there initially, the locally owned businesses in the area enhance the agency’s presence there.

“Those are obviously big factors as well because we enjoy that a lot.”

That includes lunches at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen and breakfast meetings at the Donut Whole.

Rowley, who calls himself “a triple chocolate guy” who occasionally has a maple bacon doughnut instead, says, “You know, that’s a luxury.”