Mayor Carl Brewer to sell barbecue sauces

WICHITA — Before he was known as a politician, Mayor Carl Brewer was known for his barbecue.

He and his wife, Cathy, have entered barbecue competitions since the 1990s and have been perfecting their sauces since then. Now, they’re almost ready to start selling them.

“We have some businesses that have agreed to sell them,” Brewer says. He says they’re businesses he buys barbecue supplies from.

“I don’t think they’re ready for me to say who they are yet.”

One is the Spice Merchant, where the Brewers will be kicking off sales with some barbecue samples on Sept. 22.

There are three sauces the Brewers will sell under the Brewer’s Best label. There’s a mild sauce, a sweet one and a hot sauce.

“I like the mild,” the mayor says. He says it’s sweet and tangy. “All these different flavors will capture you as you’re eating it.”

As the Brewers traveled the country for competitions, they learned the differences between northern and southern sauces.

“We just kept going back and forth, asking people, ‘What is it you like about it? What is it you don’t like about it?’” Carl Brewer says.

They’ve won some competitions since finalizing the sauces, though they don’t enter as many as they used to.

“You guys have kind of put some additional demands on me,” the mayor says.

His picture will be on the bottles along with a logo he’s used for years that features a bull with smoke coming out of its nostrils.

Brewer is excited about introducing the sauces and hopes to land more stores to sell them in, but he’s being realistic about their potential. Meaning he has no plans to quit his day job.

“Please,” he says. “I don’t have that much confidence in it that I could make a living on it.”