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You don’t say

“Everybody’s thinking the worst.”

John Hennessy of Chit Chat Wireless on how he’s no longer a Cricket dealer but has something new in the works that he says has never been done in wireless

Duct Tape & Glitter helps Oyster.com tell its attention-getting story

UPDATED — A website that’s recently been called one of the top travel sites has had some help from Wichita’s Duct Tape & Glitter, the design division of Justin McClure Creative.

Travel expert Peter Greenberg recently named New York-based Oyster.com one of the top five sites that travelers need to know.

The 3-year-old Oyster.com is a site that reviews hotels and is known for providing pictures that hotels have on their brochures and comparing them to actual pictures of the hotels, which aren’t always the same.

Oyster.com approached Duct Tape & Glitter with what McClure calls “this huge amount of data” about the company that it wanted to put on its website.

“We just helped explain what they do in a better, informative way,” McClure says. “We outlined what they do and where they’ve been.”

The key, he says, is Duct Tape & Glitter did it in a “fun, unique, very quirky” way.

For instance, the website reviewed 250,000 hotel rooms by August 2010, which is shown with a graphic of a trendy twin bed and one beside table and lamp. By February 2012, the website had reviewed 825,000 rooms, which is shown with a graphic of a full-size bed and two bedside tables and lamps.

There are fun stats, too, such as “Calls received asking for actual oysters on the half shell,” which was three and shown with a graphic of three oysters on the half shell.

McClure thinks the creativity is “probably what has opened the doors for a lot of this other national work coming in.”

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Air Capital RV Park opens at 47th Street South and Emporia

Bill Morris with the sign he's installing at his new Air Capital RV Park.

WICHITA — Almost a year ago to the day, Bill Morris told Have You Heard? about his plans to bring the Air Capital RV Park to 47th Street South and Emporia.

It didn’t happen this spring as planned, but Morris recently received his certificate of operation and opened the park.

“We’ve still got things we’ll probably never finish doing,” Morris says. “There’s always something you want to add or do.”

Morris, a real estate developer who also was a mechanical contractor for 35 years, has owned and operated mobile home parks here in the past and an RV park in Texas.

He’s owned the land where the park is for more than two decades.

Morris says his park, which can accommodate 90 RVs, is entirely concrete and sod grass. He says that’s unusual for Wichita, which mainly has dirt and gravel parks.

Part of Morris’ inspiration for the park came from his own RV travels.

“From running all over the country and seeing what’s available,” he says.

He says improvements to the Kansas Turnpike exchange in that area also help make the timing right for the park, which is about a block off of the highway.

Morris says he’s been working with turnpike officials to take the top spot on a sign along the highway to attract guests.

He likes that the new Kansas Star Casino is just down the road in Mulvane, too.

When announcing Air Capital RV Park last year, Morris boldly declared, “It’ll be the nicest one in this part of the country.”

He thinks it lived up to his prediction.

“It turned out great”