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You don’t say

“It only takes money.”

Davis-Moore owner Dawson Grimsley about what it takes to trick out the average Chevy Tahoe to look like the “Storm ChasersDominator vehicle, which will be on display at his dealerships this weekend

MDS of Kansas more than doubles its space with purchase of Hillside building

WICHITA — MDS of Kansas has purchased Wink Hartman Sr.’s former building at 201 S. Hillside and moved its offices there from Clifton Square.

“I really had my eye set on this building for a while,” CEO Donella Aubuchon says.

The 22-year-old MDS used to be known as Medical Documentation Solutions. The name changed last year as the company started doing more document services outside of the medical field. MDS still specializes in medical clients, though, which is why Hillside is attractive to Aubuchon.

“It’s still pretty medical-oriented over here, and it’s a busy street.”

MDS is taking 3,000 square feet in the building, which is more than double what it used to have.

That leaves as much as 5,500 square feet to lease. J.P. Weigand & Sons is helping MDS find a tenant.

In addition to expanding beyond medical clients, the work MDS does within the medical field is changing as well due to electronic records.

“It’s rearing its beautiful head,” Aubuchon says. “I don’t say ‘ugly’ anymore. It used to scare us. It’s where the industry is going, and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.”

The company is offering new services, such as importing dictation into the medical record.

“We’re able to interface the dictation into the electronic record,” Aubuchon says.

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Hana Cafe owners expand with casual Korean concept Hana Next Door

WICHITA — Two years from when Eunice and Jay Kim opened their expanded Hana Cafe in Old Town Square, the couple is expanding again.

This time, though, they’re offering a new concept.

The Kims are taking the space the Wichita Police Department is vacating in September when it moves its substation. The Kims plan to open Hana Next Door there this Christmas to sell express-style Korean food.

“This concept is a little different,” Eunice Kim says.

There will be some seating, but mainly the restaurant will be for carryout service.

“We needed (something) more casual,” Kim says. “We need that kind of restaurant inside the plaza because everywhere is fine dining.”

She says a lot of people have only 30 minutes for lunch.

“Our restaurant,” Kim says of Hana Cafe, “it takes time to have lunch.”

In addition to offering faster service, Hana Next Door will have differently spiced dishes than Hana Cafe. There will be more tofu and vegetarian offerings along with more salads and what Kim calls “healthy food.”

Like Hana Cafe, the new restaurant will offer the Korean dish bibimbap, which is vegetables and protein served over rice with a flavorful chili sauce on the side. Unlike what Hana currently offers, the new restaurant will have a bibimbap station where diners can select vegetables and meat.

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A-OK Pawn Shop owner Bruce Harris to develop new center on West Street

WICHITA — A-OK Pawn Shop owner Bruce Harris bought and recently tore down a couple of houses near his store at 410 N. West St. with new plans for development there.

“I’m putting in a new shopping center there,” Harris says.

He’s moving his One Day Jewelry & Repair, Cricket store and a financial-services store from Maple and West to the pawn shop’s address. He’ll have additional space to do leases as well.

“I’m just now getting started on it, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do,” Harris says.

He says he knows what the result will be, though.

“We’re beautifying … Wichita, and we’ll have a nice new center to go with the new street.”

Look for more information on Harris’ plans there in the coming weeks.

He’s also still working on centers at Harry and Broadway and at New Leaf Plaza, which was formerly Marina Lakes, at 21st and Amidon.

Harris says financing three new centers at the same time is a challenge.

“I’m trying to work out how to get that done.”