Suzuki of Wichita sells couple two cars and throws in a wedding, too

Randolph and Ruth Warren (from left) and newlyweds Shane and Jada Starlin.

WICHITA — Medical assistant Jada Miller and machinist Shane Starlin got a lot more than they bargained for when they bought a car and truck from Suzuki of Wichita at the end of January.

That’s when they met salesman Randolph Warren, who noted that they were buying cars together but had different last names and didn’t appear to be married.

“Well, because he won’t ask me,” is how Warren reports Miller responded.

“And she hits him upside the head,” Warren says. “I said, ‘Man, there’s no time like the present.’ So he started doing the Michael Jackson backup boogie. He said, ‘Well, I don’t know a preacher,’ and I said, ‘Well, I’m one.’ He said, ‘Well, we don’t have a church.’

“Why don’t you do it here?” Warren asked.

They didn’t immediately take him up on it, but when they returned to have a tire replaced, Warren brought it up again.

“We didn’t think he was serious,” Miller says.

He was, though, so on Saturday, the couple married at the Suzuki dealership at 11610 E. Kellogg.

“We stop everything for love,” Warren says.

Miller, whose last name is now Starlin, says friends and family couldn’t believe it.

“They were like, the Suzuki dealership? … They do that?”

Not usually, but Warren says it was so much fun, he thinks the dealership would be open to doing it again.

“The showroom was turned into a sanctuary,” he says. “It looked like church. … If you had seen the expression of the folks that were there — I’m going to get teared up talking about it — it was just absolutely … beautiful.”

Employees and customers, one of whom joked that he was a wedding crasher, stopped to watch. Warren says one couple who came to buy a car forgot what they were there for and left after the wedding.

Jada Starlin says everything was beyond what she and her husband could hope for.

She jokes that they’ll make up names for all the people who they don’t know in their wedding album.

“Oh, yeah, that was Bob, and that was Aunt Susie who we haven’t seen in forever.”

Anyone not looking for love should take the Starlins’ story and Warren’s own person history as a cautionary tale of shopping at Suzuki.

Warren met his wife, Ruth, four years ago when she was working for KDGS, 93.9-FM, and doing a remote broadcast at Suzuki. They married two years later, and now Ruth Warren works there, too.

“When you go to Suzuki of Wichita, you might come out with a mate or a car,” Randolph Warren says. “One or the other, and sometimes both.”