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You don’t say

“That is an unintended consequence and benefit.”

Todd Ramsey of Apples & Arrows about how the ad agency has cleverly allowed clients to take over its Twitter posts to give them some exposure and give the agency a social media break

Cricket Alley A Born-Again Boutique borrows the name of a popular former store and opens near 17th and Tyler

WICHITA — There’s a new shop that opened this week near 17th and Tyler, and it’s set back from the street in a former house. It’s easy to miss, but for the people who have seen it, the store is generating some excitement.

“Everybody freaks out,” says owner Larissa Freeman.

That’s because the store is called Cricket Alley A Born-Again Boutique, which is a takeoff on the former Cricket Alley boutique that was in Wichita from 1967 to 1990.

“They get this look in their eyes,” Freeman says of customers who have come in since she opened Tuesday.

Freeman describes the former Cricket Alley as a Bohemian shop that was known for its creaky floors and ever-present jelly beans for customers to snack on.

“It was my first shopping experience when I was a teenager,” she says. “I spent every dime I made as a teenager at the store.”

That includes, Freeman says, her first pair of MC Hammer pants in the ’80s.

She’s not selling those at the new store, but she does have jelly beans in a jar at the counter.

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Cake Face Bake Shop adds truck, sandwiches to business

WICHITA — Another new food truck is going to debut this weekend.

Summer Schoenhals already owns Cake Face Bake Shop, which she runs from a licensed kitchen in her home, and now she’s going to start selling baked goods and other items from a truck, too.

For a long time, Schoenhals says she “piddled around” making cakes and cupcakes for friends and family.

“Everybody kept telling me to start a business,” she says.

In January, she started one in the kitchen of her home. The business grew so quickly, she had to add a commercial kitchen.

In March, Schoenhals says she was approached about selling out of Absolute Vintage Boutique on Maple across from Target.

Saturday at the Automobilia car show, she’ll debut the truck, from which she’ll sell cakes, cookies, cupcakes, novelty baked items and a line of gourmet sandwiches using Big Rick’s barbecue sauce.

Big Rick’s is located at 400 S. Commerce St., and Schoenhals says she’s going to be able to use the company’s parking lot to sell from the truck during Final Friday and before events at the nearby Intrust Bank Arena.

Schoenhals also is a nurse, but she’s going to cut back to one day a week to help her Cake Face business grow. She says she’s also going to pursue corporate and event catering.

Schoenhals’ husband, David, recently was laid off, so he’s going to work with Cake Face, too.

“The timing was actually great,” Schoenhals says. “This is going to be our new source of income, so we’re pretty excited to get going on it.”