Kenny Lowrance sells Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal to longtime employee Mike Herman

WICHITA — More than four decades after starting Superior Rubber Stamp & Seal, Kenny Lowrance has sold the business to Mike Herman, who has worked there for 24 years.

Superior, which Lowrance opened in 1967, is at 2725 E. Douglas and is known for the bronze horse atop its building.

“That’s kind of a landmark for Superior,” Lowrance says. He says he joked with his family, “It’s time to turn over the reins to Mike.”

The company manufactures rubber stamps and seals and engraves signs, such as desk plates and name badges.

Lowrance was in the industry for 56 years.

“It’s time to move on, and Mike Herman is a very deserving person and knows the business as well as I do.”

Lowrance is going to keep his office and parking space and help out if anyone has any questions about “some of the old-timer things.”

“Other than that, I’m through,” he says. When Lowrance stops in, he says he’ll use his computer to search for antiques and jewelry.

“That’s what I’ve been doing for quite a while. Now, it’s really official.”