CVS is working on three potential stores

UPDATED — CVS is getting serious about entering the Wichita market.

The Rhode Island-based chain of pharmacies is actively working on replatting property for possible store locations at the southwest corner of Harry and Hillside and the northeast corner of Central and Oliver, according to documents filed with the planning department.

Early this year, Have You Heard? reported that CVS is working on a possible store at the northwest corner of 21st and Amidon. A source says that deal appears to still be on, and construction is likely to start next year.

CVS has been playing a little hard to get with Wichita for the last several years.

In 2006, Have You Heard? reported that the company completed its acquisition of 700 Sav-On and Osco drug stores, including 22 in Kansas. A spokesman said that meant Wichita’s three Osco stores – on North Amidon, South Seneca and East Harry – would convert to CVS stores along with 19 others around the state.

Less than a month later, Osco employees here were informed their stores would be closing instead.

Then, in late 2008, sources confirmed that CVS was in the market scouting locations.

For the last few years, phone books have still been running a phone number – although it’s not working – for CVS at 2323 N. Amidon. That’s the former Osco space. There aren’t listings for the other former Osco sites, so it’s led some people to wonder if that’s because CVS is returning to the 21st and Amidon area.

If it does come back to the corner, it sounds like it won’t be in that same space.

So far, no one with the company is confirming that it’s once again interested in Wichita.