Paperback Exchange to sell or close

WICHITA — After a quarter century in business, Paperback Exchange owner Kenya Young says it’s time to call it quits.

“Well, my husband retired, and I’m old,” she says, laughing.

The store, which buys and sells paperback books, is at 455 N. West St.

“If I can’t sell it, I’m just going to have a big … book sale at the end of July,” Young says.

The store has about 32,000 books, she says.

The advent of electronic readers has “hurt me a little bit,” Young says. “I’ll admit that.”

Her preference is to sell the business so it can remain a bookstore for those who still prefer hard copies over electronic ones.

“It really needs somebody that’s there six days a week,” Young says.

She travels quite a bit as a college volleyball referee. Young says she plans to travel even more once she closes shop.

“It’s just kind of time, I think.”