Spirit AeroSystems leases two buildings for temporary storage

UPDATED — Spirit AeroSystems has leased two warehouse spaces at the B1 Industrial Park on Rock Road to temporarily store materials.

The materials, including raw materials and overflow items used for manufacturing, have been in a building on Spirit property. That building was damaged in the recent tornado.

“Obviously, it’s been nice to have warehousing on site,” says spokesman Ken Evans.

Spirit has leased about 48,000 square feet at 2510 S. Eastmoor and 120,000 square feet at 2652 S. Eastmoor.

Bradley Tidemann of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deals.

Evans says the leases will be “probably for at least six months, and then we’ll look at it after that.”

He says the company looked at several options for storing the material.

“This is the best that we thought we could do.”