personal training to open new facility near K-96 and Greenwich

WICHITA — There are lots of personal trainers in Wichita, but Shannon Dykman and his girlfriend, Kalene Smith, think they have something that sets their apart.

“We teach a lifestyle to people,” Dykman says. “That’s what differentiates us.”

The two are opening a new 1,900-square-foot facility just north of Star Lumber at K-96 and Greenwich.

Dykman says it’s often not enough to spend an hour at a time with clients.

“This is why people don’t see results at the gym,” he says.

“We coach them through the nutrition process.”

Clients can sign up for 12-week or 16-week training online.

That means he and Smith create plans detailing food types, such as protein, and amounts clients should consume.

“We tailor to everyone’s body types,” Dykman says. “Each week we kind of fine-tune it for them.”

More traditional training is available as well along with boot camps.

Smith already trains people in Andover. Dykman is phasing out of his job at Boeing and eventually will join Smith full time. They plan to hire other trainers as well.

The new facility will open in early May.

“We’re really just trying to connect socially with people, inspire them, motivate them,” Dykman says. “It’s cool to change people’s lives.”