Former DEN Management minority partners to start Atlas Accounting & Consulting

WICHITA — As David Norris restructures his DEN Management, former minority partners Shane and Melissa Dick are preparing to start their next venture.

“Really, it’s kind of an exciting twist for us,” Shane Dick says.

“As we talked to more and more people out there … just talking about problems and issues and the day-to-day trials of running a business, it kind of dawned on us that there’s a need for a CFO for hire, if you will,” he says.

The Dicks both have accounting and CFO backgrounds.

“A lot of companies have a strong accountant, but they can’t necessarily afford to hire a CFO,” Shane Dick says. “We started realizing, hey, there’s a market out there for this. David blessed it and thought it was a great idea.”

They’re calling their firm Atlas Accounting & Consulting.

“We’re Ayn Rand fans,” Shane Dick says.

There’s no website yet, but the Dicks can be reached at

The two are in the beginning stages of getting the company going.

“We’re still helping David wrap up his to-do list,” Shane Dick says.

He says DEN’s restructuring coincided nicely with his and his wife’s plans.

“It seemed like a good time to go out and really do our own thing.”