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McDonald’s on West 13th Street gets facelift in preparation for possible new occupant

WICHITA — There’s been a lot of activity at the former McDonald’s on West 13th Street near Johnson’s Garden Centers, but there’s not yet a new business for the space.

“I’m just fixing it up for somebody that wants to rent it or buy it,” says owner Romualdo Lopez.

He says he’s put about $75,000 into the space.

That includes a new roof, facade and a general cleaning of the space.


To Get on the Shelf at Walmart is a Homecooked Shortcuts dream

WICHITA — Landing a spot on a Walmart shelf is a big deal for most manufacturers, which is why Wichitans Steve and Suzy Spatz have entered the chain’s Get on the Shelf competition.

“The Walmart competition is just a very unique opportunity,” Steve Spatz says.

The top winners of the contest, in which almost 4,000 participants have submitted videos of their work, will have their products featured at Walmart.

Spatz and his wife started Homecooked Shortcuts last year to sell the Corn-n-Tater Microwave Cooking Bag.

“It’s a simple, easy-to-use product,” Spatz says.

The bags can be used to cook vegetables such as corn and potatoes in the microwave.

“It makes it taste like it just came out of the oven instead of a microwave,” Spatz says.

Suzy Spatz made the products for years as gifts for family and friends.

“Momentum has just been growing and growing,” Steve Spatz says.

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Christ the Savior Academy to open in fall at St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral

UPDATED — It was 17 years ago that St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral broke ground on an educational wing just west of 13th and Rock Road, but the timing wasn’t right to start a school.

It is now.

Christ the Savior Academy will open in the fall for the new school year.

“Now, everything has come together,” says Jennifer Sebits, president of the board. “This is a project of the entire Orthodox community in Wichita.”

That includes St. George, St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Christian Church and St. Mary Orthodox Christian Church.

“We believe that it’s important to educate the whole child – so mind, body and soul,” Sebits says. “We think that children are spiritual beings and their soul needs to be nurtured as well.”

Sebits says Christ the Savior will offer a classical education, which emphasizes education in three parts.

Initially, there’s a grammar stage in which there’s a lot of memorization.

Next is a logic stage where children begin to learn and ask questions about a lot of the facts that they’ve earlier memorized.

Finally, there’s a rhetoric stage where children put what they’ve learned into spoken and written form.

Students will learn Greek and Latin starting in first grade. Sebits says classical schooling also means students often study from original sources instead of text books.

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