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You don’t say

“Security 1st purchased a lot of assets and one liability, and I am the liability.”

Sunflower Title president Richard Schodorf on Security 1st Title’s purchase of his company


Derby Expert Auto Center to sell to Unruh Automotive owner Chris Myers, who is renaming it Auto M.D.

WICHITA — As Faissal Abou-Faissal prepares to open a new Expert Auto Center on the east side, he’s selling his Derby shop.

Chris Myers, who owns two of the five Unruh Automotive shops in Wichita, closes on his purchase of Expert Auto, 100 S. Baltimore in Derby, on Wednesday.

“I’ve been looking to expand,” Myers says. “I believe it will work out well.”

He’s going to call this shop, which will do everything from oil changes to engine replacements, Auto M.D.

Myers’ wife, Kristin, is a physician, and his friends jokingly call him their car doc.

“If they need to be worked on, they go to her,” Myers says. “If their car needs to be worked on, they go to me.”

He may possibly change the names of his other two shops, which are at 13th and Woodlawn and near 21st and Woodlawn, but he’s not sure yet.

Myers shares advertising with the other Unruh Automotives and says there’s a lot of savings that way.

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Prairie Gynecology to open at the Collective

WICHITA — Obstetrician and gynecologist Amy Short is leaving the Center for Women’s Health on North Webb Road to open her own practice, but it won’t be a traditional OBGYN clinic.

In fact, once Short’s pregnant patients deliver their babies, she won’t continue that service.

Instead, she’s going to focus on gynecology and functional medicine.

“You might just think of it as going to the root causes of imbalance, whether that’s chronic illness or hormone imbalance, and solving it from the ground up rather than dealing with it … once the disease process has already manifested,” Short says.

“I actually feel like the Lord has asked me to do this, and I think that there is a great opportunity for … me to find balance in my life … as well as to provide a focused niche for women that’s not currently available.”

Her Prairie Gynecology will open in April in 3,000 square feet at the Collective near 21st and Greenwich.

Short’s husband, Jeff, who will be the clinic’s business manager, says his wife has “identified, I think, a real unique niche in Wichita.”

“She’s seen an opportunity to help women.”

The Shorts say there are many fantastic OBGYNs in Wichita, but Amy Short’s practice will be more focused on a patient’s complete care.

“All of the systems of our body are interdependent,” Jeff Short says. “If one’s not functioning, you’ll see consequences in other places.”

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