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Linda Gregory closes her photography studio to focus on location photography

WICHITA — Photographer Linda Gregory has closed her Delano studio, which she opened in 2007, to concentrate on what she calls concierge photography.

That’s shooting on location, most often at someone’s home.

“The studio photography is lots of fun,” Gregory says. “There’s just different issues with having a space like that. I’d like to go back eventually, but there’s a call for concierge photography.”

She’s calling it Hearthstone photography, but she’s still keeping Linda Gregory Photography as her company name.

“Can’t change that.”

Gregory says she meets with clients for a consultation at their homes or wherever they want to shoot “so when I come lugging all my equipment, I know what I need. I don’t have to bring everything and the kitchen sink.”

She says that makes for a smoother process. Gregory says there are a lot of beautiful homes in Wichita.

“It seems to be the way people want to go.”


You don’t say

“Who has Otto’s recipe? … I’ve never had anything like it.”

Old Mill Tasty Shop owner Mary Wright, who is on the hunt to find the recipe for Old Mill founder Otto Woermke’s famous chili to celebrate the restaurant’s 80th anniversary

Marilynn Gump Nurse Advocate opens

WICHITA — After a 25-year career as a nurse at Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis, Marilynn Gump is now going to have her own company to be a nurse advocate.

“The fact is I thought I invented this, and then when I started looking, it is the coming thing,” she says.

Gump expects to have two kinds of clients for her Marilynn Gump Nurse Advocate business.

One kind is patients attempting to navigate their medical care with various specialists.

“The medical system has gotten so complex,” Gump says. “I would help a person formulate … pertinent questions and attend their office visits with them and make sure their questions are answered and that they understand their answers.”

Gump says in more than half the cases she sees, patients don’t understand what their doctors are telling them.

“Their interpretation of what they’re told is so often off the mark.”

Gump wants to help them understand and consider their options.

The second type of client Gump wants to help is the elderly – or their families who don’t live near them but want to ensure their care.

One thing I feel like I’m really good at is observing for changes,” Gump says.

She says she could attend appointments or stop by people’s homes to check on them.

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