Daily Archives: Feb. 23, 2012

Rebecca’s owner has shot at being Project Runway contestant

WICHITA — Most people who have “Project Runway” parties simply are watching the popular Lifetime show with friends.

That’s not why Rebecca Simpson is throwing one during Final Friday.

The casting director of the program, which is a reality show that pits designers against each other, has invited Simpson to try out for the next season. Part of her audition includes making a short video, which she’ll do at Rebecca’s, her Old Town Square shop next to Caffe Moderne.

“It’s going to be packed in here,” Simpson says.

She also has to fill out a 25-page application and may be called for an interview.

“He already asked me where I wanted to interview at,” Simpson says.

The casting director found her through a mutual friend.

“I still haven’t seen a whole episode through,” Simpson says.

She plans to study, though.

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Material Girls Quilt Shoppe to expand

WICHITA — Material Girls Quilt Shoppe is expanding in the Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas in Delano.

The shop currently has 3,175 square feet. Co-owner Jo Degner says there’s a front door, which she says has a great wow factor, and a back door. That area doesn’t have as much of a wow, she says, because it’s now used to hold classes.

A new 700 square feet will allow the classes to move, which will free space by the back door. Degner says it will feature more beautiful fabric to sell.

“That’s what we like to do is buy fabric to sell,” she says.

Cherisse Taylor of Occidental Management, which owns the Travel Air Building, handled the deal.

Degner is looking forward to the addition because of what it means for the back door area.

“It’ll be just as inviting coming in the back as it is the front.”


Annabeth’s Day Spa to move to Clifton Square

WICHITA — Beth-Ann Welty is making a short hop across East Douglas to move her Annabeth’s Day Spa from Happiness Plaza to Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas.

“I would like to expand my business,” she says.

Welty wanted to make sure she stayed in the College Hill area because she says so many of her clients have told her they like having a spa near their homes.

“I hope to be able to open over there March 14,” she says.

Instead of having one room, she’ll have two or three rooms to offer facials, waxing, body wraps and massage. She’s also adding a nail tech, lash extension services and couples facials. Welty says the new space will allow for waxing parties, too.

The move also will give her a chance to have a new design, she says.

“The environment won’t be as busy,” Welty says. She says she’s looking forward to creating “more of a spa, relaxing atmosphere.”