Pennsylvania-based Benco Dental to open office at Travel Air Building in Delano

WICHITA — Benco Dental, the third-largest dental dealer in the nation, will be moving to Delano in April.

“We sell everything that a dentist uses in his office,” says Dennis Doyle, a territory representative for the Pennsylvania-based company.

Benco, which arrived in Wichita about seven months ago, is taking 2,600 square feet in Occidental Management’s Travel Air Building at 535 W. Douglas.

The company has been in temporary Occidental space at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler while the new space is prepared.

“We’re going to keep the space very open to … show the old architecture of the building,” Doyle says.

There are brick walls and exposed timbers in the ceiling.

“We wanted someplace that wasn’t kind of sterile or an industrial park area,” Doyle says. He says the company wanted “a more relaxed setting.”

“Plus, it’s very centrally located for us as well.”

The office will have training and conference space and a showroom, which will have three fully equipped operatories.

Occidental’s Stephanie Wiens handled the deal.

“That brings Delano to 100 percent occupancy,” says Occidental president Chad Stafford.

Along with Occidental’s Northrock Shopping Centre near 32nd North and Rock Road and BelPointe at 37th and Woodlawn, Stafford says,  “That will be three (centers) so far this year that we’ve brought to 100 percent.”