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You don’t say

“It’s a great deal even if I don’t win.”

Lucas Hershberger on a national Genghis Grill competition to lose weight that gets him one free meal every day at the west-side Genghis and as much as $10,000 if he wins

Martens Commercial Group’s Grubb & Ellis affiliation in flux

WICHITA — Steve Martens soon may have to order new stationary for his Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group. Then again, maybe not.

Martens’ company is an affiliate of the California-based Grubb & Ellis Co., which filed for bankruptcy Monday and is working on a deal to sell to BGC Partners.

That’s the parent company of Grubb & Ellis rival Newmark Knight Frank.

“The indication is that the Grubb name and brand remains in the market and that the new buyer is very interested in retaining the affiliated members of this new entity,” Martens says.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll want to remain with them, though.

“We have been researching the … alternatives but no decisions have been made.”

At one point, Grubb & Ellis had almost 60 affiliates. Now, it has about 35.

Martens says he looks forward to seeing the business plan for the new entity and will then make a decision.

“Obviously, these are big changes,” he says, “and what the end result of … those big changes will be, we’ll have to find out.”


West-side Talliano’s Pizzeria for sale

WICHITA — Frank Key can tell you why he’s trying to sell his Talliano’s Pizzeria near 13th and Tyler in two words:

“I’m old.”

Older, anyway. Key turns 65 this year, and he’d actually like to keep working. He’d prefer to do something maybe five days a week instead of the six or seven he works now, though.

“I’ll be real honest with you. I watched my father die at 60 and my mother die at 61,” Key says. “They just worked themselves to death, I think.”

Key considered using an agency to sell the business, which opened in 2002, but decided he wanted to have control over who might buy it. So he hung a sign in the window instead.

Several potential buyers have expressed interest.

“I’ve got a couple that seem to be really interested,” Key says.

There’s another Talliano’s in Derby that someone else owns. It won’t be affected.

If his Talliano’s doesn’t sell, Key says he’ll continue to operate the restaurant.

The important thing, he says, is to take care of his customers one way or the other.

“I have the greatest customers in the world.”


My Mechanic’s to open shop at McConnell Air Force Base

WICHITA — Almost exactly a year after opening their first My Mechanic’s shop, owners Dennis Allison and Scott Berry plan to open their second.

The first one opened in early April 2011 at 2095 W. 21st St., near 21st and Amidon.

The second officially will open April 1, though there will be a soft opening shortly before, at McConnell Air Force Base.

“They called and asked me if I wanted to submit a bid, and I said, ‘Well sure, absolutely,’” Allison says.

My Mechanic’s will have two bays at Building 314 on base.

Initially, the shop will serve people who work on base, but it could expand to do work on military vehicles as well.

“We’re working on that contract, too,” Allison says.

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