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You don’t say

“The only thing higher than Mt. Everest is our nation’s debt, $15 billion and growing. In terms of feet, that would be pretty high.”

– Sen. Pat Roberts, commenting at the opening of a new Exploration Place exhibit that asks visitors to determine the height of Mt. Everest using GPS technology

Duct Tape & Glitter design studio opens

WICHITA — All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s duct tape.

Broadcast designer Justin McClure, who owns JustinMcClure.tv, has created Duct Tape & Glitter, a new graphic design and illustration studio.

The name is a “fun play on us being able to be reliable and multipurpose but pretty also,” says Dominic Flask, one of three people who will be running the studio.

McClure owns the studio, which is located at his Delano office at 575 W. Douglas, but Flask says he, Luke Bott and Roger Strunk will operate Duct Tape & Glitter.

“We’re our own thing, but because Justin has clients that want more than motion and graphic work, we’re also able to offer that for him,” Flask says.

Duct Tape & Glitter will have its own clients as well.

Flask says the studio will offer branding, illustration, print, interactive, packaging and mobile design.

“We can handle about anything,” he says. “We like to bring a collaborative approach.”

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Planet Fitness signs two new deals

WICHITA — There are deals for two new Wichita Planet Fitness sites, though the chain still isn’t talking about its plans here.

Have You Heard? previously reported that the company is working on locations in the former Star Lumber space at Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn, at Marina Lakes at 21st and Amidon where a new Walmart Neighborhood Market is and also at the 21st and Maize area.

Since then, Scott Harper of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Grant Tidemann of J.P. Weigand & Sons finalized a deal for the Marina Lakes space.

On Friday, Tidemann and Landmark’s Nick Esterline finalized a deal for the former bowling alley space at 2350 N. Maize Road. That’s where Countryside West Lanes closed in 2007.

It looks like there may already be demo work going on at the possible Planet Fitness space at Normandie.

Planet Fitness isn’t the only new gym coming to the city.

Gold’s Gym International also has been working on sites here. In fact, it appears it was negotiating for some of the same space Planet Fitness nabbed.

Earlier this year, Have You Heard? reported that a Gold’s deal at Harry and Rock may already be done.

Both companies are being similarly silent. We should hear something from them soon, though.