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You don’t say

“I’m just a little worker bee in the hive of justice over here.”

– Sedgwick County District Judge Phil Journey, talking about how his day is going

Epic Sports asks city for 10-year tax abatement to purchase and remodel former Coca-Cola plant

UPDATED — Epic Sports, a Wichita-based team sporting goods supplier, is asking the city for a 90 percent 10-year tax abatement to help it purchase and remodel the former Coca-Cola plant at 3001 E. Harry.

Currently, Epic Sports has a 75,000-square-foot warehouse at 1730 S. Laura and an office at 400 S. Emporia. It would move both facilities to the 160,000-square-foot former Coca-Cola space for an almost $2.5 million expansion.

“I’m actually worried that Coca-Cola building may not be big enough,” says Epic Sports president Gary Proctor, who founded the company in 1998.

When he moved into the 75,000-square-foot current space, Proctor says, “We overflowed it in two years.”

He’s eyeing another building that could work for any future overflow.

Proctor says he’s also considering buildings in Oklahoma City and Hutchinson.

“We’ve got some real good opportunities in Oklahoma City,” he says. “They’re pretty aggressive right now.”

That’s not his first choice, though.

“I mean, we prefer to stay here.”

His request will go before the Wichita City Council on Tuesday.

City Council member James Clendenin, whose district the former Coca-Cola plant is in, is traveling and hasn’t had a chance to study the Epic Sports proposal yet. He’s looking forward to it, though.

“My ears always perk up, and I’m always very happy when people show a little bit of interest in southeast Wichita, and so I’m extremely interested to get more up to speed on this,” Clendenin says.

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BlueChip Spine & Sports Specialists plans east-side open house while also working on west-side space

WICHITA — Chiropractor Casey Hummel is having an open house next week for his new east-side BlueChip Spine & Sports Specialists and is working on opening a west-side location next month.

Hummel’s business is what he calls a chiropractic sports rehab facility. He mainly treats sports injuries but will work on any patient.

Hummel specializes in soft tissue work with something called an active-release technique. He’ll also do traditional chiropractic adjustments as needed.

“Sometimes people don’t even realize I’m a chiropractor.”

He says the technique “really feels more like a stretch, like a fine-tuned stretch.”

“It’s really been effective and really opened a lot of doors for us clinically.”

Hummel is a Wichita-area native but had been working in Dallas when a professional athlete here called him seeking help for his back.

Five years ago, Hummel moved back and opened BlueChip within Pure-Formance Sports & Fitness Training Center in Andover.

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