Former KSN, Channel 3, anchorman is the new Mooyah franchisee for Wichita

UPDATED — Anthony Powell can now add hamburgers to his resume — loaded ones at that.

The former KSN, Channel 3, weekend and 5 p.m. anchorman, who still contributes on-air reports for the station, and his wife, Jennifer, are the new Mooyah franchisees for Wichita.

The Powells are working with Twin Peaks franchisee Rusty Rathbun and Maria Peak of Bovine Development, a company that is developing Mooyah sites.

Jennifer and Anthony Powell

“The guy is very, very impressive with his track record at Subway and Twin Peaks,” Anthony Powell says of Rathbun. “He’s just so experienced with the restaurant business. He knows what it takes to be successful.”

Powell says Rathbun’s office is helping him with traffic counts and other information on where to locate.

He’s looking everywhere but says that “the west side is looking more promising right now.”

The Dallas-based Mooyah chain is in several states, though the majority of its restaurants are still in Texas. It’s in the fast-casual dining segment, which caters to people who want quick meals in a nicer dining setting than fast food restaurants usually provide.

“Fast casual is affordable but still a dining experience,” Powell says.

Mooyah specializes in hamburgers with a serious array of toppings. There also are veggie and turkey burgers, thick-cut fries, shakes and a children’s menu.

Powell hopes to have his first Mooyah open by June.

“We’re in talks on one,” he says.

He expects two more to follow next year, two in 2014 and one or two in 2015.

“That could be accelerated depending on how it goes,” Powell says. “We’re in this to be very aggressive about it.”

In 2009, the Powells bought a Cleaning Authority franchise, which is based in Maryland.

“It wasn’t as much work as I thought there would be initially,” Powell says of how busy the business kept him. That’s when he started looking around for another franchise.

Jennifer Powell will keep the Cleaning Authority franchise going while Anthony Powell focuses on Mooyah.

Powell says he and his wife may do Mooyahs outside of Wichita, too, though it won’t be for a while.

“We’re going to have our hands full.”