Lil Joe’s Dyne Quik closes after less than a year in business

WICHITA — Lil Joe’s Dyne Quik owner Richard Jack has given up.

Tuesday was the last day of business for the restaurant at 1202 N. Broadway.

Jack and his family did extensive work on the building before opening it nine months ago.

Dyne Quik is one of the city’s few remaining Valentine restaurants — metal, mobile diners that Wichita’s Valentine Manufacturing built between 1938 and 1971.

Jack says the location wasn’t right, though.

“I got tired of the prostitutes and the homeless people and the vagrants bugging customers,” he says.

Then, when the police would come to deal with those individuals, Jack says, they blocked his driveway.

There were other issues as well, he says.

“People are too used to going to McDonald’s and Burger King. They can drive through. Here, they have to pull up and actually walk in the building.”

Jack says he had a number of loyal customers — whom he says he especially appreciates – but not enough of them.

Moving the restaurant to another location is a possibility.

“Anywhere but here,” Jack says. “I loved cooking.”

Remaining open where he was is not an option.

“Sooner or later you get tired of hitting your head against the wall.”