Jay Ablah to open first Coffee Bug, a potential franchise, on North Rock Road

WICHITA — Anyone with a coffee addiction understands the all-consuming desire for the drink, and now Jay Ablah hopes to capitalize on that with a new business called the Coffee Bug.

“The coffee bug is that itch, that urge you’ve got for that cup of coffee,” he says.

His first Coffee Bug will be in front of his and his father George Ablah’s office at 3101 N. Rock Road.

That’s between Jimmie’s Diner and where the new Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits is opening in the former Taco Tico space.

“It’s somewhere between a Starbucks and a Scooter’s,” Ablah says of the concept.

He’s been conducting focus groups to see what people might want.

This Coffee Bug will be similar to Scooter’s in that it mainly will be a drive-through, though it will have a few outdoor seats.

Ablah already is working on a second east-side site, which is even further east, and that Coffee Bug will have indoor seating.

The concept will include some food items, which Ablah says a team is still working on, along with coffee, lattes, espresso and smoothies.

“We’re working hard to come up with some designer coffees that aren’t … as sharp tasting,” he says.

His focus groups told him that the general public might prefer something a little easier to swallow than some more bitter-tasting coffees that others sell.

Jeff Ablah, Ablah’s brother who has Rowley Snyder Ablah, will be helping him market the business.

“If these go well, we’ve already discussed franchise opportunities with five very capable franchisees,” Jay Ablah says.

He’s interested in expanding to other cities himself as well.

The first Coffee Bug will open in early April. Look for news on the second site soon.