Steven brothers and VinZant settle lawsuit over Mike’s Wine Dive

UPDATED — Brad and Brent Steven are now the sole owners of Mike’s Wine Dive.

Earlier this month, Have You Heard? reported that the brothers sued longtime friend and Mike’s co-founder Whitney VinZant and several other people associated with the almost 2-year-old business near Douglas and Oliver.

“We all agree that the restaurant doesn’t work with all these cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, so we need to part ways,” Brad Steven said at the time. “Either he takes full ownership or we take full ownership, and the lawsuit is to figure that out.”

The parties reached an agreement today.

“We’ve resolved it amicably,” says Joe Cassell, the Stevens’ lawyer and stepfather.

There were differences in how the brothers and VinZant wanted to run the College Hill restaurant, and there were disputes over who owned how much of the business.

The brothers have been gone from the restaurant for several weeks but are now back.

“We’re taking over the company,” Cassell says. “One hundred percent of it.”