Gold’s Gym International and one other large chain working on deals for several Wichita gyms

UPDATED — At this time of year, heading to the gym is a popular thing.

This happens to coincide with an apparently popular time for new gyms to come to Wichita.

There are two chains working on deals here.

No one with Texas-based Gold’s Gym International is talking details yet.

“I can tell you that we have identified Wichita as a market that we are going to build out, and we do have some sites that we’re currently working,” says Coleman Brown, director of real estate for TRT Holdings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

It looks like the company wants at least three gyms in different locations across Wichita. The first of those three deals, which is at Harry and Rock, may be done.

These apparently will be corporate stores, not franchises.

There are more than 600 Gold’s Gyms internationally. The more than 45-year-old company bills itself on its website as “the original, the place where it all began.”

A second large fitness chain also is close to what may be several Wichita deals. Look for more information in the next week or two.