Sharon and Alan Fearey buy commercial and residential property at 323 N. Market

WICHITA –Former City Council member Sharon Fearey is one of the most recognizable proponents of Midtown, where she lives, but she’s a downtown supporter, too. Now, she’s also a downtown property owner.

Fearey and her husband, Alan, have purchased the two-story building at 323 N. Market where Sheila Floodman has her Floodman Family Law office. Floodman previously owned the building.

“It just makes sense for her to lease her space versus own the entire building, which she wasn’t utilizing,” says Brent Stewart of KW Commercial, who handled the deal.

Floodman is in the 1,930 square feet on the building’s first floor. There’s also the same size apartment on the top floor. Fearey says she’ll rent that for now, but she and her husband have plans to eventually downsize and live there.

That’s also where former Mayor Joan Cole used to live and have her consulting firm.

Alan Fearey first became interested in a buying a downtown building, then Fearey considered a business venture in the area.

“That has kind of fallen through now, but it did make us start looking at buildings more,” she says.

She says an interest in downtown is a natural progression from Midtown.

“We’re just excited about downtown and excited to be part of it.”