Kat Scrap Fever to open in Clifton Square

WICHITA — Kathryn and Jeffrey Welch already have day jobs plus a hair salon in Clifton Square, and now they’re opening a second business.

Kathryn Welch is an avid scrapbooker – she says her husband only likes to look once she’s finished – so she’s now opening Kat Scrap Fever near their Barcelona Hair Lounge in Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas.

“I have 400 square feet, and 390 of it is filled with inventory,” Welch says.

She bought a large inventory from someone who planned to open a shop and then didn’t.

“We’re just trying to go through the inventory and get the store set up,” Welch says. “My hope is that we’re up and running … after the first of the year.”

She says the store will have an eBay component in part because her inventory includes a lot of older scrapbooking supplies that she thinks might have more appeal to Internet shoppers.

Welch says the store will start small, but she says she can always expand at another Clifton Square property.

“This is our second investment, so we really just wanted to make sure we weren’t overextending ourselves,” says Welch, who is a physician assistant at Neurology Center of Wichita.

Jeffrey Welch teaches journalism at South High School.

They aren’t looking for any other investments at the moment.

“Oh, god, no,” Kathryn Welch says.

She says there was no question that they’d locate their second business at Clifton Square because they like the development’s management and central location.

“The location’s great because there’s really nothing in the middle of Wichita,” she says of scrapbooking competitors.

Welch had only one main hesitation about the business – her husband.

“That’s the funny part,” she says.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea,” she told him, “because now you’ll know how much everything costs.”