DiTullio’s Piano Bar to open at the Waterfront

WICHITA — Jan Colvin has closed her Fairchild Interiors and Design at the Waterfront, but since she still has three years left on her lease, she’s now planning a new business there.

“You’re going to just die when I tell you what we’re up to,” Colvin says.

“We’re opening up a piano bar in that space.”

Details aren’t firm yet, but Colvin and her husband, Bob, are creating a venue that will be home to singer Steve DiTullio and naming it for him.

DiTullio’s Piano Bar will open in 2,100 square feet of the main floor of Colvin’s former shop.

The Colvins conceived the idea with DiTullio one night at the Candle Club.

“I said, ‘Oh, geez, I would love to do something like this,’ ” Jan Colvin says.

She says she’d originally planned to sublease her space but likes this idea better.

“When you get done at dinner at a lot of these places out east, what do you do afterwards?” Colvin says.

She thinks Wichita could use more live music — especially DiTullio’s kind.

“He sounds like Frank Sinatra,” Colvin says. “He’s a crooner.”

Other musicians will play the venue as well.

Colvin thinks it will help other businesses at the Waterfront.

“I think it will activate window shopping.”

Although she’s still finalizing a lot of the plans, Colvin expects to be open before the holidays.

“This looks like it’s a go.”