Westar Energy posts shut-off notice at Real Development’s Farmers and Bankers Building downtown

WICHITA — Real Development’s problems with maintenance issues and unhappy tenants and vendors aren’t confined to the Wichita Executive Centre.

There are also headaches for the Minnesota Guys at the Farmers and Bankers Building at 200 E. First St. and the Landmark Building at 212 N. Market. The buildings are attached.

Westar Energy put up a delinquent notice at the Farmers and Bankers Building to shut off power on Oct. 7.

“There isn’t trouble,” says partner Michael Elzufon. “If there’s a notice, I guess it’s arguably about whether or not it’s premature.”

Partner Dave Lundberg says Real Development owes $10,000 on its energy bill and Westar also is demanding $10,000 for a utility deposit.

“We have never had a shut-off of a utility of any kind at any time in any building — period,” Elzufon says.

He wonders if this is a scare tactic on Westar’s part.

“I don’t know what you call this,” he says. “It’s rather interesting that these kinds of playing the laundry out in the middle of the world (happen). It’s a little frustrating . . . to say the least.”

In an e-mail, a Westar spokeswoman said she can’t discuss private account information.

“However, we are working with this customer to remedy the situation.”

In response to questions about possible air conditioning malfunctions or pest problems, Elzufon and Lundberg say they’re not aware of other issues at the properties.

“Any and all of the building issues, these are clearly reasons or indicators of why there was a need to make some changes to the management of the buildings,” Elzufon says.

Former manager R.E. Black Building Management and the Minnesota Guys recently parted ways.

“We have a very focused and committed team taking over management this week,” Elzufon says.

“There’s a lot of very significant changes that are taking place in the management and the operations. There isn’t a tenant that isn’t going to feel and see changes in a very beneficial manner in a very short time.”