Two retails centers coming to Kellogg and Tyler have a temporary cow town theme

WICHITA — Last month, Have You Heard? reported on two new retail centers George Holland is building on more than 11 acres on the corner where the Horn bar sits and where his Holland Paving and Holland Ventures offices are.

Since then, though, readers have been wondering what’s up with the cow town theme the development has.

The buildings that have gone up so far look as if they’re off the set of a western movie.

Holland would rather not discuss details of where the buildings came from.

Hint: Think about what short-lived business was forced to have a fire sale of western buildings a few years back.

Holland eventually plans to renovate the buildings.

“We’re going to make them storefronts,” he says. “We’re not going to make them shootout galleries.”

Holland may have details on his first tenant, a national business, within 10 days or so.

“The deal’s in the works.”