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A Brianna Leigh Salon to open in Delano

WICHITA — It’s not enough that stylist Brianna Williams has been self employed for eight of her 13 years in the salon business.

Williams, who has a business administration degree from Friends University, wants her own place — not just a booth rental at another person’s business.

In fact, Williams decided she needed to have her own place by age 30.

“I turned 30 June 29,” she says.

So now she’s opening A Brianna Leigh Salon, a Paul Mitchell salon, in 1,300 square feet at 577 W. Douglas in Delano. That’s where Lotus beauty bar once was.

The salon, which Williams will call ABLS for short, will offer a range of hair and body treatments, including massage, facials and nail care. She’ll sell Paul Mitchell products exclusively.

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You don’t say

“The tornado sirens can be going off, and I’ll have 20 people in here getting food.”

Bubba’s Nekked BBQ owner Bubba Leffew on how tornadoes may not keep customers away but extreme heat does

Glitz by Linda Joyce goes more mainstream

WICHITA — Costume designer Linda Joyce is expanding her business.

“I’m kind of revamping it,” she says.

That’s the perfect word for it since Joyce is expanding her clientele beyond vamps — the femme fatales she’s created costumes for in the burlesque and stripping industries — to a wider audience.

“I am trying to make it more mainstream,” Joyce says.

In the ’90s, Joyce had a store here called Puttin’ on the Glitz. Today, she operates Glitz by Linda Joyce from her home.

“Actually, I make more money this way,” she says. “Not as much overhead.”

Her website, which she’s working to redesign at, will be her new push.

Joyce plans to offer outfits that customers can purchase outright or easily customize with rhinestones, sequins, feathers and fringe.

“They can be glitzed up by adding embellishment options very much like you put options on a car,” Joyce says.

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Men’s Wearhouse to open at NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize Road

WICHITA — West Wichita, you’re gonna like the way you look. Men’s Warehouse is opening a store in NewMarket Square to guarantee it.

“We’ve been courting them for 11 years,” says April Reed of Slawson Cos., which owns the center at 21st and Maize Road.

“Over the years, they were afraid it was going to cannibalize their east store.”

Men’s Wearhouse has been at Towne East Square since 1993.

“We kept telling them this is a totally different market out here,” Reed says.

She handled the deal for the 4,500-square-foot space, which is where the Firkin and Bull restaurant used to be.

“The reason we’re doing this is because our business is so good on the east side of town, it gave us the incentive to do a second store,” says Tim Henry, the director of real estate for the Rocky Mountain region of Men’s Wearhouse.

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You don’t say

“Nothing says small town quite like diagonal parking.”

Jan Harrison, morning show host on KFXJ, 104.5-FM, on how she hopes the redevelopment of Douglas Avenue downtown won’t result in more diagonal parking

Deal in the works for the former Davis Furniture space in Delano

WICHITA — Chris Ruffin is close to announcing a new deal for the former Davis Furniture space in Delano.

“I’m working on something big,” says Ruffin, who is director of real estate for his father Phil Ruffin’s Ruffin Properties.

Chris Ruffin at one point planned a 15,000-square-foot country-western bar and restaurant for the space, but he and his father decided to go in a different direction.

It sounds like the new deal is with a local company possibly looking to expand, but Ruffin won’t go into details about what kind of business it is.

“I really can’t because if our competitors find out, that wouldn’t be good for us. There’s a reason real estate is so secretive.”

Look for news within a week.

“It’s such a great deal.”

Gander Mountain to remodel and add Gander Mountain Academy

WICHITA — Gander Mountain is ready to remodel and add a Gander Mountain Academy to its WaterWalk store downtown.

“Gander Mountain Academy is the ultimate experience in firearms training,” says director Chris Juelich, using the academy’s tagline.

Have You Heard? first reported the academy was a possibility in February.

“The goal is to be done right around the first couple of weeks of November,” Juelich says.

“It’ll be the sixth one of its kind in the United States.”

That’s out of 116 stores the Minnesota-based company has in 23 states.

Part of the reason the Wichita store was chosen is because the company wants to space the academies out around the country.

The WaterWalk Gander Mountain’s success is another reason.

“It’s one of our top performers,” Juelich says.

The academy will have a combination of classroom training simulators, virtual ranges and a live range.

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Towne West Square to be home to an ice rink

WICHITA — Towne West Square has what sounds like some cool news: It’s getting an ice rink.

Wichitans may enjoy the rink, but it’s not likely to cool anyone off this hot summer.

That’s because the Glide Plaza that Salvador Marroquin is bringing to the mall next month is made of synthetic ice instead of water-based ice.

Abby Marr, the mall’s director of marketing and business development, says the plastic surface will look and feel like the real thing, though.

“It will draw people to the property who just want to try something new in the middle of the summer,” she says.

When the mall is open, the rink will be, too.

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You don’t say

“Come on people, use your motivation!”

– What one person yelled out his car window after getting stuck in traffic after the Get Motivated Business Seminar at Intrust Bank Arena Tuesday

Former admissions professional forms College Connections of Kansas

WICHITA — Parents helping their children choose colleges can sometimes have a difficult time guiding them.

Don Hapward wants to help.

Hapward spent more than three decades doing college admissions work across the country.

He’s now starting College Connections of Kansas to help families in the greater Wichita area through the college application process.

“I can see it from the other side,” Hapward says of handling applications. He’s seen “thousands of them over the years.”

When Hapward and his wife came to Wichita several years ago, his plan was to retire. Instead, he found himself teaching at Wichita Collegiate School, where he still helps coach golf and bowling.

Parents of Collegiate students are who encouraged him to start his business.

“There are so many people who would like to have your expertise,” is something Hapward says he’s heard a lot.

“I’ve just heard that desire from a lot of parents. ‘I just wish we had someone we could go to.’ ”

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