Fusa to reopen in 4,000 square feet near Central and Greenwich

WICHITA — Fusa, which opened in the Towne East Square food court in 2003, has always been a combination of cuisines. Hence it’s name, which was inspired by the word “fusion.”

Owners Yolinda and Han Diec want to do more than what the food court’s 600 square feet will allow, though, so they’re reopening their restaurant in 4,000 square feet at a center just south of Central and Greenwich.

“We like Fusa, and we like the spectrum that it has to offer, and it seems that Wichita likes it, too,” Yolinda Diec says. “We want to take it to the next level.”

Han Diec started Fusa, but Yolinda Diec has taken it over.

“It’s kind of grown to be mine,” she says.

She closed the restaurant at the mall in late April. The new restaurant, which is at 303 S. Greenwich, will open sometime this summer.

Han Diec owns the center, called Greenview Plaza, which is where Promise Thai Cuisine, Innovative Golf and Pete’s Smoke & Cigar also are.

There’s one 1,600-square-foot space left to lease there.

With the extra square feet Fusa will have, Yolinda Diec says, “There’s no boundary as to what we can do.”

She’s adding stations for Chinese food and gelato.

“It’s like a small, mini food court basically,” Diec says.

She says customers can order at a single counter or go to individual stations.

“We try to be convenient.”

There will be 60 seats for lunch and dinner.

There also will be a drive-through.

Diec says her idea is to have lots of options for quick, healthy food with an unusual twist.

“We just want to do something a little bit different,” she says. “People like the idea, something other than the norm.”