Phil Ruffin: Presidential friend?

WICHITA — Phil Ruffin’s good buddy Donald Trump is considering a presidential bid. So what does Ruffin think?

“I told him I would advise him not to,” Ruffin says.

“He’s on top of his game right now. He really doesn’t need that.”

For starters, Ruffin says, Trump would have to trade his $50 million TV career for a $400,000 government salary.

“Hell of a drop down, isn’t it?”

Ruffin is clear, though, that he’ll fully support Trump’s bid if he chooses to go that route.

“He’s creating quite a buzz,” Ruffin says. “He’s a very good speaker. He’s very entertaining. Speaks his mind.”

And it just may work, Ruffin says.

“He might have a good chance.”