Bossa Grill to close this weekend

WICHITA — Less than a year after opening, Bossa Grill is closing.

“Sometimes you need to know when you need to quit,” says co-owner Alberto Moreira.

He opened what he and a partner from his native Brazil hoped would be the first in a chain of restaurants at Northrock Retail Center at 3242 N. Rock Road.

“So many people like my food — like everything,” Moreira says.

But not enough.

Moreira says not enough people came through for a good return on investment.

“It’s better we decide to close.”

Leisa Lowry with J.P. Weigand & Sons is now working to sublease the space.

The Bossa concept may not be dead, though.

“We need to think about it,” Moreira says. “We need to learn about our mistakes.”

His partner is talking with someone in Miami about opening there, which Moreira says might make sense with the Latino community in that area.

Moreira says Saturday is Bossa’s last day in business here.

“Thank you (to) my customers.”