Three Pea Interiors co-owner becomes Ethan Allen Interiors design affiliate

WICHITA — Three Pea Interiors co-owner Gary Streepy recently went to a furniture show in Las Vegas where he ran across some information about becoming an Ethan Allen Interiors design affiliate.

“This is quite coincidental, I would say,” says Streepy, who used to work for Ethan Allen when it was in Wichita.

Streepy says the store here struggled because the local owners had delivery issues, but he says Wichitans loved the furniture.

Now, he can visit customers in their homes here and help them select Ethan Allen furniture elsewhere, such as Kansas City. He’ll make a commission based on what he sells.

“I love Ethan Allen furniture,” Streepy says.

“It’s just another element we can grow Three Pea with.”