Scotch & Sirloin settles one lawsuit with former waitresses

WICHITA — Scotch & Sirloin’s parent company has settled part of its lawsuit with former and current waitresses at the restaurant.

In 2009, Former Scotch & Sirloin waitress Christina Nuss filed a discrimination lawsuit in federal court against Scotch Investment Corp.

Part of the suit said the Scotch has wage payment practices that are in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Nuss said money was illegally deducted from waitresses’ pay for cooks, dishwashers and advertising.

That portion of the lawsuit was certified as a collective action. Current or former waitresses (dating back to March 17, 2007) could opt into the wage claim.

That’s the part of the suit that’s been settled.

A gag order prevents either side from talking. According to court documents, though, 20 waitresses are included in the settlement, and they are to receive twice the amount of tips they contended were wrongfully withheld along with attorney fees.

The settlement doesn’t list an amount.

Nuss and former waitress Tricia Molina still have an ongoing lawsuit alleging discrimination due to pregnancies.

Former Scotch waitress Erica Pizzola also filed a federal suit claiming she was fired after Scotch general manager Sonny Glennon learned she was pregnant.

That case was previously settled.

We’ll let you know what happens with the Nuss and Molina cases.