Onyx Bistro to open downtown in April

WICHITA — Jamaica native and New York transplant Syreeta Bulgin has unexpectedly found herself in Wichita where she plans to open a downtown restaurant next month.

“It’s kind of a weird story,” Bulgin says of how she decided on Wichita.

She was looking for a business opportunity, and a New York friend who has a Wichita friend suggested they start a restaurant here.

“The other person got nervous and said they didn’t want to move,” Bulgin says.

She came anyway.

Her Onyx Bistro will open April 4 at 217 E. Douglas near Athena Jewelry.

“She’s bringing a real awesome flair to downtown,” says Istvan “Ish” Tamas of J.P. Weigand & Sons, who handled the lease.

Bulgin will serve Jamaican dishes along with a lot of other cuisine, such as Italian and Mexican dishes.

“It’s a combination kind of cuisine that I have going on,” she says.

Onyx Bistro will be open for breakfast and lunch six or seven days a week initially. Eventually, Bulgin would like to open some evenings, too.

She’s aware that several other restaurants have failed in that spot, but Bulgin isn’t concerned.

“I’m bringing something new,” she says. “I’m in a good spot.”