An uncomfortable but timely reminder follows Kansas Food Bank donation

Kansas Food Bank CEO Brian Walker with Denise and me.

Kansas Food Bank CEO Brian Walker with Denise and me.

There was an interesting little juxtaposition of events in my life on Friday.

First, Denise Neil and I stopped by the Kansas Food Bank to drop off the $1,316 raised at our second On the Town With Carrie and Denise event.

Then, that night, I came down with a horrible stomach bug that has left me fairly miserable since then. What does one have to do with the other?

Well, after days of not eating much, I woke at 5 a.m. Tuesday with maddeningly loud, almost painful hunger pangs. I was so hungry I couldn’t get back to sleep. I rolled out of bed, dragged myself downstairs, still sort of stunned at what I was doing, and ate a piece of bread and some crackers. Finally, I could concentrate on getting some rest.

It was a sad glimpse into what life must be like every day for thousands of Kansans who don’t have enough to eat, except they don’t have cabinets full of food at the ready when the need strikes.

Denise and I toured the Kansas Food Bank where we learned about the good work it does and saw some volunteers from Bombardier packing food for school kids.

Can you imagine sitting still and learning when you’re starving? I can’t even sleep.

We also learned about a way to help that doesn’t cost anything.

Wal-Mart is sponsoring a Facebook contest where the community that gets the most “likes” will earn the Kansas Food Bank some serious money to fight hunger. One click by Dec. 31 is all it takes. So far, we’re in seventh place.

Thanks to everyone who supported our event and helped us raise the money. It’s not too late to drop off checks or canned goods at the Kansas Food Bank, which is at 1919 E. Douglas. There are also volunteer opportunities, whether you visit now or anytime in 2011.

Because, unfortunately, hunger isn’t seasonal.