Recap: On the Town With Carrie and Denise

on4Last night was a big night On the Town.

More than 130 people showed up for the second in our series of On the Town With Carrie and Denise events.

This one was special in that it was opening night at the new Newport Grill at Bradley Fair.

There were a lot more people than the restaurant was expecting. (We’re reporters, not RSVP experts, but we’re working on it.)

There were lots of tasty treats, such as mini crab cakes, steaming-hot calamari and rare tuna.

on1Co-owner Paul Khoury is worried not everyone had quite enough appetizers, so here’s what he’s proposing:

on5This spring when the new patio overlooking the lake debuts, he’d like to invite us all back for a big spread of appetizers. We’ll have our RSVPs worked out by then, and it should be a grand — and fairly filling — party.

We’re counting last night’s event as a big success, too, with $1,316 raised for the Kansas Food Bank.

on2We saw lots of old friends and made many new ones as well while checking out an interesting new space.

We’re already thinking about our next venue, where we’ll plan a more formal program where we take your dining and restaurant questions.

Hope to see you there.