Five former Riordan Clinic employees to start Vis Clinic

Chad Krier and Rebecca Kirby of Vis Clinic.

Chad Krier and Rebecca Kirby of Vis Clinic.

WICHITA — Five employees of Riordan Clinic (formerly known as the Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International) have left to form their own clinic.

“We’re going to be doing a lot of what we were doing before,” says Jan Revard, a biochemist who handled marketing and public relations for Riordan.

The new business, which will open in a couple of weeks, is Vis Clinic.

“Vis is the healing power of nature,” Revard says.

The clinic will open in 3,600 square feet of a building south of Il Vicino and Gessler Drug Co. near Douglas and Oliver.

It will have two doctors: Rebecca Kirby, a family practice doctor and registered dietitian, and Chad Krier, a naturopathic physician and chiropractor.

Registered nurses Marsha McCray and Michelle Swift also left Riordan to form the new clinic.

Revard and Angela Krier, Chad Krier’s wife, will handle marketing and PR as well as the office and reception at the new clinic.

“It’s going to be a nutritionally based clinic,” Revard says.

That includes IV nutrition therapy, lifestyle care and customized weight-loss programs, bio-identical hormone replacement, auricular therapy and supplement sales, among other things.

“The whole focus of our clinic is patient-centered health care,” Revard says.

She says Riordan Clinic still has good programs, but with new leadership there was an increased focus on the business side of the clinic, which she says caused problems.

Brian Riordan, son of the late clinic founder Hugh Riordan, became CEO earlier this year.

He couldn’t be reached for comment.

Revard says Vis Clinic will focus on the legacy of Hugh Riordan.

“What Dr. Riordan began . . . is really what we’re hoping to continue with our clinic.”