Ben Arnold of Corporate Caterers of Wichita may take over Cargill restaurant space

WICHITA — It’s really hard to believe, but Ben Arnold may be taking on another venture.

The owner of Corporate Caterers of Wichita has taken on a lot in the last year, such as expanding the space at his Douglas and West headquarters, leasing a large, new space at Comotara Center and signing a deal with the Broadview Hotel.

Now, Arnold may be Cargill’s top choice to take over the restaurant space at the company’s Wichita headquarters at 151 N. Main.

“I am very interested in the space, and would love the opportunity,” Arnold says.

“I have not signed a contract on the space, so to confirm this information would be premature.”

Piccadilly Express had been operating at the building for 13 years but last month was told it didn’t make the cut in Cargill’s decision about future food services.

The restaurant closed immediately.

Look for news on Arnold’s possible deal soon.