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John David Burkholder starts Garage Sale Gurus for one-stop garage sale help

WICHITA — Unlike a typical laid-off worker who might hold a garage sale to make extra money, John David Burkholder is creating an entire company built around garage sales.

Burkholder lost his job as manager of content and strategic positioning with Preferred Health Systems in March.

He’s doing a lot of Web consulting, but he wanted to find another part-time job.

His father-in-law, Les Seibert of Bug Stoppers, had an idea he’d kicked around about a company that would provide everything someone needs for a garage sale.

That inspired Burkholder to start Garage Sale Gurus, which is gearing up to serve its first customers.

“The hope is to be able to have kind of a one-stop shop when it comes to garage sale supplies,” Burkholder says.

On the Monday before a garage sale, Burkholder will deliver tables, clothes racks, signs, pricing stickers and anything else someone needs for a sale.

After the sale, he’ll pick up everything, including leftover items people don’t want.

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Karla Olsen to leave Westar Energy

karlaWICHITA — A decade after joining Westar Energy, director of corporate communications Karla Olsen is leaving for another energy company.

She’s heading to EQT, a natural gas company in Pittsburgh.

“Actually, they came after me,” Olsen says. “I wasn’t looking. I really love my job here at Westar and I love the people I work with.”

The main reason Olsen even considered the job is she has family in nearby Maryland.

Then she discovered she’d have an opportunity to create a public affairs department, and that attracted her.

Olsen’s last day is Aug. 31.

“It’s sad and happy at the same time,” she says. “I don’t want to get sappy, but I just relish the memories I have.”

Olsen also says it’s nice to be wanted.

“Absolutely. Especially when you’re not exactly a spring chicken.”

Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que is calling all Daves for a free meal

WICHITA — You may not be famous, but if your name is Dave — or David or Davy — you can get a free meal at Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que on Sunday.

To celebrate the chain’s 16th anniversary along with founder “Famous Dave” Anderson, Famous Dave’s restaurants across the country are offering a free entree (with a value of $15 or less) to anyone sharing the same name.

Sorry, Andersons don’t count.

If your middle name happens to be a variation of David, your entree will be half price.

And for the nonDave diners?

You could consider changing your name between now and then, or you could settle for the buck-a-bone rib special.

You don’t say

“I wouldn’t look pretty in jail.”

Wink Hartman Sr.’s response — referring to a potential confidentiality agreement — when asked if he’s buying a bank in Butler County

Piccadilly Express at the Cargill building downtown closes

WICHITA — After 13 years in the Cargill building downtown at 151 N. Main, Piccadilly Express has closed.

“Last Friday, Piccadilly was notified that they were not going to make the cut for those being considered to provide food services here in the building,” says Cargill spokesman Mike Martin.

“They were given three weeks’ notice and basically given the notice as soon as it was decided they would not make the cut, and they ceased operations immediately.”

No one with Latour Management, which owned the restaurant, returned calls for comment.

This is the latest restaurant in what has become the dismantling of a dining dynasty in Wichita.

Latour’s Chelsea’s Bar & Grill and Olive Tree Bistro were evicted from Comotara Center late last year.

The west-side Piccadilly closed in 2005.

The east-side Piccadilly and Bagatelle Bakery are the only restaurants Latour has left.

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You don’t say

“It is kind of strange.”

Phil Svymbersky, whose Snappy Photo at 160 S. West St. is doing less business now that construction in the area has ended

Petland owner is spouse of previous owner

WICHITA — There’s more to the Petland story than owner Brad Bockus revealed earlier this week.

Turns out he’s married to Colleen Bradley, whose Cappuccino Inc. previously owned the franchise at One Kellogg Place at Kellogg and Greenwich.

“What can I say?” Bockus says. “It’s like a lot of other small businesses out there. The economy was just staggering to the point where Cappuccino closed in May.”

Bockus says his wife won’t be involved in the business.

“It’s me running this place now.”

So why reopen it?

“I’m a little crazy.”

He’s also making some changes, including renegotiating the lease.

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You don’t say

parisii“You suppose Parisians are saying, ‘We’re so Wichita?’ ”

Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group, who has a friend who sent him a picture of a store in Paris named Wichita

Tangible Books to open in downtown Wichita this spring

WICHITA — So, you want to start a new business. What’s your first step?

Create a Facebook account, apparently. They’re not just for campaigning for out-of-state retailers to come here.

Friends Jason Franz, Nathan Filbert and Kacy Crider created a Facebook account for Tangible Books, a 24-hour bookstore and cafe they hope to open downtown.

They already have almost 500 people on the account who say they like the idea.

Their projected September opening probably isn’t going to happen, though.

Spring is looking more likely.

“We’re going to hopefully have a bookstore that the main focus is on literature,” Franz says.

He doesn’t want the kind of books that make bestseller lists, though.

Franz says he wants quality European and American literature that’s not necessarily so popular.

“You would be able to throw a rock in the bookstore and hit a really good book.”

But where to throw?

The partners haven’t selected a site yet. Franz says they’d prefer somewhere along Douglas Avenue or Commerce Street.

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County votes to sell land at Washington and Waterman

Here’s an update on the county commision’s vote today over whether to sell the land the county owns at Washington and Waterman.