RPM Motorsports moves to West Kellogg

WICHITA — Robert Paul Musgrove, who is better known as Bob, is setting up his R.P.M. Motorsports in new space at 10817 W. Kellogg.

He says he’s “got an awful lot of customers calling and wondering if we’re ready to go back to work.”

R.P.M. builds custom vehicles from the ground up.

“We do everything from muscle cars and antique restoration to street car modifications to all-out drag cars,” he says. “We have a big following in the drag car world, street car world and show car world.

“We’re not just a shop that does one thing.”

His former space at 4129 W. Pawnee had 5,000 square feet. His new space is 10,080 square feet, which he says will allow for a large showroom. There’s a big parking lot as well.

“We’re in the process of growing our business and have more than doubled the size of our shop,” Musgrove says. Also, he says, “We have increased our exposure considerably.”

Gary Calkins of 4 Star Real Estate handled the lease.

The owner of the property is interested in Musgrove purchasing it and some adjacent property.

“I told him let’s get moved in here first and get through that,” Musgrove says.

He’s taking on a lot.

For instance, Musgrove is adding a paint booth and upholstery area. He used to send out for those services.

“The whole goal here with our move and expansion is to have it all under one roof.”