Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Special Products to move locations

WICHITA — For years, Rick Hoppe has been borrowing his neighbor’s parking lot for deliveries.

Hoppe owns Special Products, which sells medical equipment and supplies for children and young adults with disabilities.

His 4,000-square-foot site at 243 N. Mathewson has a small alley that his main supplier can’t navigate with its trucks.

That’s where his neighbor’s parking lot comes in.

“It’s just worked wonderfully all these years,” Hoppe says.

He’s been notified that the arrangement won’t work anymore, though, so Hoppe is moving to 4,600 square feet at 311 S. Laura.

Joe Verbeckmoes of Walter Morris & Son handled the lease.

Hoppe says the site is still close to major highways, so that’s good.

He’d prefer not to move from his home of more than eight years, but Hoppe says, “That’s OK. It’s about time for a change.”

Mutual Fund Store and show comes to Wichita

WICHITA — The Mutual Fund Store is coming to Wichita — on air and at Cambridge Market.

The Overland Park-based company’s business is built on its radio show, which founder Adam Bold hosts weekly.

“Our business model is a little bit unique,” says Jeff Roper, who is the franchisee opening the store here.

“Basically, 100 percent of our clients come from a call-in radio show that is on Saturday mornings.”

The show will debut in Wichita at 9 a.m. July 10 on KNSS, 1330-AM.

“We could never go to a market where we couldn’t get on the air on Saturday mornings,” Roper says.

He says the company manages $5 billion in assets with its 80 stores nationally.

Roper has stores in Fresno and Seattle and is a minority partner in a store in Harrisburg, Pa.

He says Wichita is an ideal market.

The store “does very well in Midwestern-type cities.”

The Mutual Fund Store will have 1,400 square feet at Cambridge Market, which is at 21st and Webb.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

You don’t say

“I’m in the middle of a lot of intellectual capital, so I hope I don’t drag the IQ down.”

— County Commissioner Tim Norton’s comment today at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the second Airbus facility in Old Town, where a lot of aerospace engineers were in attendance