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Brit Hume is the speaker for the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce annual dinner

WICHITA — Two weeks after this November’s elections, the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is bringing in a speaker to help dissect them.

Broadcaster Brit Hume, who is with Fox News, is the speaker for the chamber’s annual meeting on Nov. 16.

“It’s just a great opportunity for us to hear from someone who lives it every day,” says chamber spokeswoman Barby Jobe.

She says Hume’s talk is likely to focus on what the latest headlines out of Washington mean for business owners here.

“We always strive to find people . . . that maybe the community hasn’t had an opportunity to hear from,” Jobe says.

Will the connection to the often polarizing Fox News keep some people away, though?

“I hope not,” Jobe says. “He’s always been a fair person. I think his experience speaks for itself.”

The chamber also is hosting a July 13 debate with Republican U.S. Reps. Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt., who are vying for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by fellow Republican Sam Brownback.

This spring, the chamber canceled a federal issues forum where Moran was going to be the featured speaker after complaints from Tiahrt’s office and some members.

Jobe says the debate isn’t related to the forum or its cancellation.

“This was always on the radar screen to do,” she says. “We feel it’s really important.”

You don’t say

“I prefer milk, but that doesn’t go as well on the sign.”

Monica Schlegel of Monica’s Bundt Cake, who sells her cakes at Intrust Bank Arena and advertises shows (such as Michael Buble today) at her Douglas Avenue store with signs such as “Buble, bundts & beer”

Two Brothers BBQ and Burger Grill coming to former Autoplex space in College Hill

WICHITA — A couple of brothers are moving into the College Hill area.

Why does this matter to you?

Because they’re bringing barbecue with them.

Two Brothers BBQ and Burger Grill is adding its fourth Wichita restaurant (there’s also one in El Dorado) at the northwest corner of Douglas and Hillside where Autoplex used to be.

“There seems to be a lack of restaurants in the College Hill area, which for Wichita is kind of unusual,” says owner Tom Ryan.

He operates the business with his wife, Carole, his sons, Mark and Matt, and their wives, Kyla and Ana.

Tom Ryan likes this site because it’s close to several busy areas, such as downtown, Wesley Medical Center and College Hill.

“We are hoping and believe it will be able to serve some areas that are in need of barbecue,” he says.

The Ryans will renovate the 2,000-square-foot former service center on the property, which they’re leasing.

“We’re going to do sort of a retro look,” Tom Ryan says.

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Dillons to add fuel centers at Central and West and at Harry and Edgemoor

WICHITA — The Dillons at Central and West is the latest in the chain to be getting a fuel center.

“Those excess buildings have been removed,” says spokeswoman Sheila Lowrie of buildings adjacent to the store.

The 10-pump fuel center will be in the southwest corner of the property and face West Street.

Dillons is finishing renovations to the store there as well. There will be a grand opening for both later this summer.

The new Dillons under construction at Harry and Edgemoor also will have a fuel center, this one with 12 pumps. The entire project should be complete by the end of the year.

“We’ve had quite a few projects here recently and in the past five years,” Lowrie says.

That includes new fuel centers at 13th and West streets, 13th and Maize Road and one in Augusta.

It looked like a fuel center was coming to 21st and Amidon, but Lowrie says that’s not the case — at least not now.

“For us, fuel is very important,” she says.

Lowrie says Dillons will continue to add centers “where it makes sense for our customers.”