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Wichita Welding Supply has almost $700,000 in federal tax liens

WICHITA — Wichita Welding Supply has almost $700,000 in federal tax liens filed against it.

Majority owner J. Frick isn’t commenting, but his minority partner is.

“I knew it was going to be coming, I just didn’t know when,” says Marvin Lampton, who says he owns almost 40 percent of the company.

Lampton also owns Lampton Welding Supply.

He first began acquiring Wichita Welding stock in 1986 in conjunction with another deal. He’s not active in the day-to-day operation of the company.

“There wasn’t much I could do,” Lampton says. “I tried to help him every way I could. It’s just a bad situation that kept getting worse.”

He says Wichita Welding has been operating for more than half a century.

Competition increased, he says, and business fell off. The company had to let numerous employees go over the years. Now, there are fewer than 10.

Lampton says he advised Frick to pay the taxes.

“He said, ‘I don’t have a choice. I don’t have the money.’ ”

Lampton says this is something bad that’s happened to a good person.

“I would say that J. is the most honest, kind-hearted, nicest guy you’d ever want to meet,” he says. “I’ve hated seeing what’s happened to him.”

What businesses do you want in Wichita? We’d like to know . . .

WICHITA — There are two business questions readers seem to ask more than any others.

When is Wichita getting a Cheesecake Factory?

Why don’t we have a Costco?

Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods make popular topics as well.

Why aren’t they here? Are they coming?

Same with Pottery Barn. Steak ‘n Shake. Crate & Barrel. Joe’s Crab Shack. Bass Pro. Macy’s. IKEA. Whataburger.

The list goes on.

We’d like to know what’s on your list. Is there a restaurant or retail business you’d love to have here and wonder if there’s a chance it will come?

Let us know at whatwewant@wichitaeagle.com, and we’ll try and find out.

We’ll be printing what we learn in a couple of weeks.

With any luck, perhaps we can convince a few favorites that Wichita could indeed support them.

You don’t say

“Is this a tomato?”

Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates owner Beth Tully, who participated in Tuesday’s Celebrity & Chef Cookoff fundraiser for the Orpheum Theatre and was shocked to learn she was not cooking with chocolate

Kirkland’s to leave Towne East Square for Eastgate Plaza

WICHITA — More than a decade after opening at Towne East Square, Kirkland’s is leaving the mall.

The home decor store is not going far.

It’s moving to Eastgate Plaza at Kellogg and Rock, most likely in early September.

“It’s just more convenient for our customers to drive up, run in and run out . . . instead of walking through the mall,” says Sarah Weaver, leasing manager at the Nashville, Tenn.-based company.

The chain has 280 stores in 28 states. As the company’s leases in malls expire, they’re moving to dominant shopping centers outside of the malls.

“It’s just a corporate real estate strategy that we’ve adopted,” Weaver says.

The Wichita move will take Kirkland’s from 5,755 square feet to 10,000 square feet adjacent to Famous Footwear.

Weaver says nearby tenants, including T.J. Maxx, Toys R Us and Barnes & Noble, are part of the attraction at Eastgate.

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Cornejo & Sons buys Durbin Quarry from Harshman Construction

WICHITA — Cornejo & Sons has purchased Durbin Quarry in Moline, Kan., from Harshman Construction.

“We were their biggest customer and have been since its inception at that quarry,” says president Marty Cornejo. “We finally cut a deal where we ended up buying it.”

The quarry is capable of producing a million tons a year.

Cornejo says his company will bring rock, which the state has approved for use in building and road construction, to Wichita by rail.

“We’ll take it from here and push it on to western Kansas and wherever else we’re able to,” Cornejo says. “It does give us more ability to market the material.”