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David’s Bridal to move within Eastgate Plaza

WICHITA — David’s Bridal is moving, but not far.

The bridal shop currently has 10,400 square feet at Eastgate Plaza at Kellogg and Rock Road.

The store, one of about 330 nationally for the Pennsylvania-based company, is moving within Eastgate to a new 6,400-square-foot space next to Plato’s Closet.

That doesn’t mean there will be fewer dresses from which to choose, though.

A new prototype has streamlined the store, but part of the reduction in space is due to much less bulky bridal gowns these days.

“They actually take up less space now than they did,” says Jim Neilland, real estate manager for the company.

“That was new and shocking to me,” he says. “I’m just a poor old real estate guy. I remember my wife’s dress taking up half the church.”

That, though, was 33 years ago.

Andy Boyd of Walter Morris Cos. and Chris Hitchcock of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

Look for the new David’s Bridal to open late this year. The existing store will remain open until then.

You don’t say

“At least that guy will have something to do now.”

J.D. Patton, director of Internet marketing for Armstrong/Shank, joking on Twitter about what the Maytag repairman will be up to now that Whirlpool is recalling 1.7 million dishwashers

KAKE, Channel 10, to debut “This Week in Kansas,” a public affairs show

WICHITA — KAKE, Channel 10, is starting a new public affairs show that will look a lot like the one KPTS, Channel 8, just canceled.

This Week in Kansas” debuts at 9 a.m. Sunday with host Tim Brown, who has hosted “Kansas Week” on KPTS since 2006.

“They actually canceled ‘Kansas Week’ after 21 years,” says Brown, who also is director of development for Via Christi Foundation.

KPTS is going in a new direction. More on that in a minute.

KAKE marketing director Bryan Frye says he and his station have long been interested in having a public affairs show and have liked and admired Brown.

Like “Kansas Week,” “This Week in Kansas” will feature journalists in a roundtable discussion. The show also will include politicians and other newsmakers.

Brown says he’s grateful KAKE stepped in to start a program like this.

He says he told KPTS if it was canceling the show because of him, “By all means go ahead and fire me and keep the show alive.”

Jesse Huxman, director of content at KPTS, says the problem wasn’t with Brown.

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